Entrepreneurial Education for Orphans

By Matt | In News | on August 19th, 2013

In July this year, I made a weekend trip to Jakarta to deliver books to a couple of foundations, as part of the project.

Whilst there, I visited Yayasan Prima Unggul school, just east of the city. This is not a school in the conventional sense but a place that teaches entrepreneurial skills to orphans and underprivileged children. The school was founded by Martinus Gea. Matinus’s goal is to provide 10,000 orphans with entrepreneurial skill development. The hope is that when these children leave the safety and security of their orphanage they will not only have a traditional education, but also a valuable set of skills to assist them in starting their own ventures – it is essential that a child without the security of a family requires every possible opportunity to be financially stable.

The school syllabus covers 3 key areas:

  • Character and Mindset (Entrepreneurial curriculum designed by Action Coach)
  • Academic Learning (National Curriculum)
  • Practical Skills (Curriculum from designed by leaders in business)

I have visited the school 3 times in the past couple of years and watched as it has grown from strength to strength. The school was initially run out of a room in within another school, a long way from the city. There were a couple of teachers and very little funding. Today, it has its own building, 10 of more regular teachers and more than 40 full time pupils. Within the new school complex the children already have some ‘business projects’ underway. In the courtyard there is a small fish hatchery running, where local fish species, popular for eating, are being reared. There is also a café that has been set up by 2 of the students, where I had lunch on this visit.

The school is always in need of additional support and this does not necessarily need to be money. On one trip, I ran a short workshop for the children on vision and goal setting. If you are ever in Jakarta and have a few hours to spare at the end of a business trip, why not pop in and spend some time teaching these kids about your career, industry or profession. Martinus can be contacted at

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