For the Ultimate Trekking Experience

By Matt | In Trekking | on August 19th, 2013
Start your trekking training early

Look to build your strength and fitness gradually, giving your body time to adapt to the new demands that you are placing on it. That way you can enjoy your trek training and avoid risking injury by trying to do too much too soon.

Choose the correct footwear for your trek

Good quality and appropriate footwear for your trek and your walking training is essential. A supportive hiking shoe with ankle protection is important but beware of ankle cuffs that are too high as they can irritate the achilles tendon at the base of your calf.

Don’t forget your walking socks

Look for materials such as Coolmax that has sweat wicking properties or consider the new Gore-tex range that wick sweat away but are also waterproof.

Train on similar walking terrain

Walking training is essential but it is also important to try and mimic the conditions that you will experience as closely as you can. Try and train on similar terrain to that of your trekking location.

Practice using your backpack

It’s likely that you’ll be carrying items such as food, drink, spare clothing and possibly more, so your choice of backpack is important. Practice using your backpack (loaded) as part of your training so that you are used to the weight and position.

Hydrate yourself frequently when walking

Whether you are in a hot climate or not, your fluid requirements will increase significantly when trekking. By the time you feel thirsty you will already be dehydrated so try and drink small, frequent quantities of water throughout the day.

Fuel your trekking

Similarly to hydration, your energy requirements will increase whilst you are trekking. Aim to eat small, frequent meals and snacks on the go to maintain energy levels.

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