Custom Experiences

People often feel inspired to create their own fund-raising experience but do not have the time and recourses to fulfil that dream. To help with this, Footsteps for Good offers a collaborative service to support you in developing a tailored fund-raising experience, that will ensure you are successful.

For the Individual:

Maybe you have your own charity or a cause that is close to your heart. You have friends and family who would like to take part or support you in some way. What ever the idea and situation, Footsteps for Good can craft an experience, manage logistics and provide advice on fund-raising, leaving you enough time to focus on bringing your team together and achieving your objective.

For the Business:

Businesses are increasingly looking for new and creative ways to meet their social objectives and to reward teams in ways other than cash bonuses.

Working closely with your management, we can tailor an exciting and physically challenging adventure that results in the business fully funding a project. This could be the development of a school or boarding house in the areas we trek through.

As an addition to this, we can assist in facilitating business planning sessions at the end of the trek. After 4 days of hard trekking and bonding in the rugged conditions, this can be the ideal setting to establish your company’s objectives and plans for the coming year.

Please contact for more information on your custom experience.

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