“We run a business with offices in Australia, Singapore, the UK and USA, which means keeping in contact via video conferencing. Taking part in the trek was about bringing our team together to get to know each other better. With our business being involved in a number of charity initiatives, the Footsteps for Good challenge was an ideal fit for us.

The trek was brilliantly organised, the guides were interesting and knowledgeable and the scenery was perfect. The experience had a noticeable impact on our team – we are working more efficiently as a group and understand a bit better the personalities we are working with – I guess 4 days sleeping in a jungle builds a pretty strong team bond.

We will be looking forward to doing the same or similar trek in 2014 and raising a lot of money for charity in the process.  Thanks to Matt and his team for a great trip!”

Stephen Sevastopulo
CO2 Neutral Conferencing

“I wanted to give something back to people less fortunate than me & having an adventure at the same time made the trek the perfect opportunity. If my wife would give me another pass, I would do the trek every single year”

Chris Brown, UK

“A friend had psyched me up to join a charity related walk/trek organised by a friend of hers, and with the need to get away after some tough months, I signed up for it without hesitation.

Absolutely didn’t realise what I was signing up for except that we were raising funds for a good cause. No ideas on how and where we would trek, which I think was a blessing in disguise in terms of not expecting anything great, or anything bad – the unknown was in itself an adventure.

It was a fantastic mixture of physical and mental challenges, simple but best food ever, non stop laughter and singing, insightful revelations, life’s simple pleasures (waking up to warm my hands with an open fire, to have a clean wash in a river, hot tea in a bamboo cup, witnessing how little people in some villages had but were so rich in their hearts, the naturalistic surroundings we were in during the trek), creation of some of my (up till now) life’s most lasting memories with new found friends- there are no words for what we experienced together.

None of us wanted to come back.

I came away a different person, more appreciative, more grateful, any pain I had carried with me (physical or emotional) disintegrated along the way.

The magic from this trip still stays with me – It was THE best trip I’ve ever taken – and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again in a heartbeat.”


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