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Answers to some of the questions you may have.


Do I need to raise money to take part?

Yes, though if you wish you can pay the minimum fundraising amount ($1,000) as a donation.


How much of my raised funds will go to the cause?

100% will go to the cause.


When do I have to transfer the funds raised?

This will depend on the fundraising platform that you use.


What do I need to take on the Trek?

This will be provided during a briefing session a few weeks before.


Is the trek hard? Do I need to train?

The trek is moderate, we walk at a pace that suits the group, with plenty of rest stops and photograph opportunities. It is advisable to take some long walks leading up to the trek.


What age group do you get on your treks?

We don’t have a range, on previous treks the participants have generally been 25-40 yrs. But we encourage anyone fit and healthy to join us.


What Sort of food will we eat on the trek?

One of the trek high lights is mealtime. Thailand is known for its vibrant flavors with chili, lemongrass and ginger being some of the main ingredients. You will have dishes such as green chicken curry, fresh barbecued tilapia, as well as fruit pancakes for breakfast all made on the spot with local fresh produce.


Where do we sleep during the trek?

You will sleep in shared shelters or huts in the village. The sleeping accommodation is very basic. But that is all part of the true eco experience.


Will I have to carry my own bag on the trek?

Yes you will, we send you a list of recommended things to bring, so you can keep your backpack light ;-)


Is there storage for extra luggage if I wanted to extend my stay in Chiang Mai?

Yes, you can store a small backpack at the trekking office in Chiang Mai, if you intend to extend your stay after the trek. If you are being collected at the airport and at the end of the trek you are being dropped back off at the airport, please just bring the minimum you need for the trek.

Contact Us

Footsteps for Good takes place every high season in the north of Thailand. If you'd like to take part please provide your contact details so we can share more information on the next trek.

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